My personal story – How did I evantually selected direct TV channel lineup

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Hey, Tal’s here,

If you’re looking for the most convenient and cheapest way to watch satellite TV then I’m glad you found this site and I’m strongly recommended you’ll keep reading.

This site is my uncensored story about watching TV on PC.

The pros, the cons, why some solutions didn’t worked for me and how I finally found the one solution that did help me select the way I’ll watch TV.

How many of you got a problem of deciding, asking yourselves what TV package should I select? Should I select cable TV or satellite TV? What company to choose? I know I got very confused by those questions but after I finally answer on some of them, selecting the method (satellite/cable) and choosing the company who provide it I face the challenge of selecting the right channel package. pretty soon I found out that the adding our favorite channels requiring us paying extra money….If we have a family, each one of the family’s members loves other stuff….the children(that I still don’t have but I’m looking for one pretty soon:)) wants the cartoons, my wife likes the lifestyles and shopping channels and I’m interesting in sports, movies and finance. Answer all of our demands requiring pretty big monthly bill for the average family.

It’s all began after my wedding. Me and my fresh wife moved to our new apartment and start to think about the way we want to watch TV and right away bumped in all of those questions. After sharing my friend with my dilemmas he offered me solution that I didn’t know – direct TV channel lineup.

I asked him what is it and he started telling me it’s watching TV on PC online through a software called satellite direct. When he told me about the number of the satellite channels my first thought was that this is not the right thing for me because it’s much expensive. surprisingly he told me it’s much cheaper than any satellite TV company offer since I’ll pay only once when I download their software to my PC and it’s only 50$..I asked him only one fee of 50$? What’s the catch? He said that you’ll have to be connected to the internet, and that it requires software installation without addition hardware.

These seemed to be the perfect solution to my dilemma and after sharing this solution with my wife we decided to give it a shot. I have to admit that I thought the installation of the software will be much complicated but it was very simple :)

After using it for 3 months now I decided to share it with you because it helped me with my dilemma, saves me a lot of headaches and I am very satisfied with the product. the number of channels is amazing and answer every person demands starting with movies, TV shows, sport, economic, news and ending with hundreds of other channels from a lot of countries and all of these on onetime fee – this saved me a lot of money.

The only thing I didn’t like about it that you must to be connected to the internet to watch TV online.

So…that’s my story. I hope you’ll find this information useful and maybe it can help you taking decision.

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TV on PC – Why?

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On this section I would like to share with you what are the advantages of watching TV online.

I don’t know about other products, but the product that made the solution for me was satellite direct and there are few reasons for that.

The main reason was that it was chipper than the regular satellite/cable packages that the big companies offered us. Instead of paying the installation fee and monthly payment I paid only one-time fee. The value I’ve got from this payment was 3,500 satellite channels from all over the world. The channel lineup is huge and contains all the niches we know from the TV channels such as sports, finance, news, shopping or whatever interests you.

Another plus is that I can watch it wherever i take my laptop or wherever i have PC connected to the internet. if we’re going to visit my mother-in-law for the weekend all i need to do is taking my laptop and i can watch all my favorites channels (especially weekend soccer games)  from my PC. Imagine watching all direct TV channel lineup straight from PC everywhere.

So, instead calling the satellite company install their hardware in my place I have installed the software on my PC on 2 minutes easy setup, without required adding any hardware.

Click here to check the TV on PC software that I’m talking about

Although, there is one big disadvantage that making the watching TV from PC annoying – you have to be connected to the internet so please pay attention to this factor because it’s important one.

Taking it to be considered i decided to give it a shot and I’m very happy with the decision I’ve made.

Direct TV Channel Lineup

July 14th, 2010 4 comments

Who doesn’t like watching TV? today, one solution for watching direct TV channel lineup is straight through our PC.

Is this solution is profitable and yet answer all of our demands?

I have build this blog to try to answer about that question and share my personal experience of how I decided to get large scale satellite TV channels without having a television machine in my home.

Click here to see the way I chose for watching TV

When we (me and my fresh wife) moved to our new home we decided to leave our old TV machine to my young brother.

After long search for the right solution that contain both choosing the service provider (stellite or cable package) and choosing the TV machine we decided finally to watch TV directly online from PC.

On this website I’m explaining our reasons and the pros and cons of watching TV on PC.